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More Price Increases in Round 2

Phillips 66 announced a price increase of up to 10% on its finished lubricants effective May 14, 2018. Phillips 66 attributes the increase to the rising costs of the production and delivery of its products.

Safety-Kleen announced a price increase of up to 10% on its lubricants effective May 7, 2018. Safety-Kleen attributes the increase to the rising costs of raw materials, additives and base oil used in the manufacturing process of its products.

Note: In the April 5th issue of JobbersWorld, we wrote that Shell is the third major oil company to announce a lubricant price increase. Understanding that TOTAL S.A. is the world’s 4th-ranked international oil and gas company and one of seven supermajors, and that TOTAL Specialties USA is a wholly-owned Affiliate of TOTAL S.A. and its lubricants business in the US, TOTAL was actually the third major to move when they announced a lubricant price increase on March 29th. Shell was the fourth with its announcement on April 4th, 2018.

See the bottom of page for a complete table of all price increases reported by JobbersWorld in Round 2, 2018.

PetroChoice Acquires Prolube, Inc. out of Bensalem, PA

PetroChoice announced the acquisition of the lubricant business assets of Prolube, Inc in Bensalem, PA.


Prolube, Inc has been a reputable distributor of lubricants in the Northern Philadelphia market, specializing in the automotive market. Gregg Babcock, President, and Bob Powers, Secretary and head of sales at Prolube, Inc. have grown the company’s loyal customer base over the past 20 years and will serve as the primary consultants to PetroChoice during the transition.

“Prolube’s commitment to distribution excellence is a terrific addition to our overall growth plan,” said Rob Walker, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at PetroChoice. “We are excited to welcome the Prolube staff into the PetroChoice family.”

Gregg Babcock commented, “It was not an easy decision to sell our company, but after getting to know the cohesive team at PetroChoice, we feel they are the best fit to take our company to the next level. Our customers will continue to be serviced by the best in the industry.”

Effective immediately, Prolube’s product distribution will be operating out of the PetroChoice Aston, PA facility.

About PetroChoice PetroChoice is one of the largest petroleum-based lubricant distributors in the United States, providing business solutions for industrial, commercial and passenger automobile customers. The company, headquartered in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania, operates locations across the U.S. and employs some of the nation’s most knowledgeable technical experts in lubrication services and equipment. For more information visit

Round 2 Lubricant Price Increase Summary

Company Announced Date Effective Date Increase
Sinclair Lubricants 2/12/2018 3/1/2018 up to 5%
CAM2 3/1/2018 3/24/2018 4 to 10%
Smitty’s Supply 3/1/2018 3/24/2018 4 to 10%
Pinnacle Oil 3/2/2018 3/19/2018 5 to 10%
Allegheny Petroleum 3/5/2018 3/24/2018 4 to 8%
Advanced Lubrication Specialities (ALS) 3/29/2018 6 to 9%
Sunoco 3/29/2018 6 to 9%
Chemlube 3/7/2018 3/26/2018 5 to 8%
Reliance Fluid Technologies (RFT) 3/7/2018 4/9/2018 4 to 9%
Sunbelt Lubricants 3/8/2018 3/21/2018 6 to 8%
PennStar 3/9/2018 3/19/2018 6 to 10%
Martin Lubricants 3/12/2018 4/16/2018 4 to 10%
Warren Distribution 3/12/2018 4/9/2018 5 to 8%
Maverick Performance Products 3/7/2018 3/26/2018 5 to 8%
Royal Mfg 3/13/2018 4/2/2018 3 to 8%
Omni Specialty Packaging 4/23/2018 5 to 8%
ExxonMobil 3/22/2018 4/23/2018 up to 10%
Chevron 3/28/2018 5/7/2018 up to 10%
Nu-Tier 3/28/2018 4/16/2018 6 to 8%
Total 3/29/2018 4/30/2018 3 to 5%
Shell 4/4/2018 5/7/2018 up to 10%
Phillips 66 4/5/2018 5/14/2018 up to 10%
Safety-Kleen 4/5/2018 5/7/2018 up to 10%

Click on the Timeline Below to See All Effective Increase Dates in 2018


JobbersWorld Announces Lubricant Pricing Reports


A must have report for manufacturers, marketers, buyers and others looking to understand price drivers and communicate the reasons for price increases to customers.

THE REPORTS provide insights and information on finished lubricant prices and an in-depth analysis of the cost drivers responsible for the changes in lubricant costs and prices in the US market.

The Finished Lubricant Pricing Reports provide lubricant manufacturers and marketers with an independent source of information and insights on price changes at the manufacturer and retail levels and the key drivers behind the changes. In addition to the influence of crude and base oil, the reports analyze the impact of changes in the cost of lubricant additives, transportation, packaging, labor, and others.


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