JobbersWorld is a Petroleum Trends International, Inc. Publication
JobbersWorld is a Petroleum Trends International, Inc. Publication


Thomas F. Glenn, President Petroleum Trends International, Publisher/Editor - JobbersWorld

JobbersWorld, a Petroleum Trends publication, is the first and only independent newsletter to focus on lubricant distributors. Each week it provides news for and about lubricant distributors and suppliers; North American price reports; the outlook for key lube markets; forecasts and industry trends; surveys and analyses of jobber needs; and more.

Petroleum Trends International, Inc. is an independent strategic planning and market research consulting firm based in Metuchen, New Jersey. The firm specializes in market, marketing, and manufacturing issues related to lubricants and fuels. It assists its client to increase sales and grow by identifying business opportunities and emerging market trends, and to achieve operational excellence and reduce costs through benchmarking and best practices.

Petroleum Trends International’s primary clients are major oil companies, independent lubricant manufacturers, base stock and wax manufacturers and marketers, lubricant and fuel additive suppliers, and such industry channel partners as distributors and jobbers.

The firm’s reputation has been built on a foundation of high quality, cost-sensitive consulting services that maximize returns for our clients.

Thomas Glenn, President of Petroleum Trends International and Editor of JobbersWorld has written and managing over 20 multiclient studies on Petroleum Products. His activities include project management of numerous proprietary engagements focused on strategic planning, market size and segmentation, business opportunities, and mergers and acquisitions in such areas as petroleum waxes, commercial and industrial lubricants, lubricant and fuel additives, consumer automotive lubricants, and process oils.

In addition to his consulting experience, Glenn has solid field experience in the lubricant and fuel business. He started his career in the late 70’s as an analyst and ultimately General Manager at one of the world’s leading lubricant and fuels testing laboratory. During that time Glenn developed a strong technical background in oil analysis and predictive and preventive maintenance practices, and in working directly with end users of commercial and industrial lubricants. Glenn was also a field sales representative for Texaco Lubricants Company, and an Amoco super jobber.

Glenn is well known in the industry for his appearances on nationally televised CBS News Special on lubricants, News12 New Jersey, and his monthly columns in Lubes’N’Greases magazine. In addition, he has presented papers at NPRA, ILMA, STLE, and other industry conferences.

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