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More Prices Increases


As reported in the August 20 issue of JobbersWorld, Shell Oil Products US (SOPUS) advised its marketers of a general price increase on lubricants of up to 4%. The increase is effective September 23, 2013. This increase translates to roughly $0.24 a gallon more for bulk lubricants and $0.40 a gallon for packaged lubricants.

Well you can now add a few others to the list.

Chevron announced a general price increase on lubricants of 3 to 6%. The increase is effective October 9, 2013.

ExxonMobil announced on August 29 that it will increase its branded and unbranded lubricant prices by up to 4% effective October 3, 2013.

Due to the rising material costs and current market conditions, Safety-Kleen announced it will increase prices on blended lubricants by $0.20 a gallon. This increase is effective September 27, 2013.

Smitty’s announced it will increase prices on orders placed on or after September 16, 2013. Its bulk lubricants will increase by $0.20 a gallon, packaged up by $0.25 and grease up $0.03 a pound.

Effective September 15, CAM2 will increase its prices on bulk by $0.20 a gallon, packaged by $0.25 and grease by $0.03 a pound.

Petro-Canada advised its marketers of a 3% across the board price increase effective September 27, 2013.

Advanced Lubrication Specialties (ALS) also announced a price increase. Effective September 23, its bulk and packaged lubricant prices will increase by $0.20 a gallon, and grease will be bumped up by $0.03 a pound.

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