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Warren Oil Steps Out and Up with the First API Licensed SAE 0W-16 Full Synthetic PCMO

Warren Oil Company, Inc., one of North American’s largest independent lubricant manufacturers, is pleased to announce its LubriGold SAE 0W-16 Full Synthetic Motor Oil is the first API approved 0W-16 passenger car motor oil in the market. Expanding on its diverse portfolio of automotive engine oils, Warren’s LubriGold SAE 0W-16 Full Synthetic Motor Oil was developed to meet the needs of the growing number of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), and consumers requiring ultra-low viscosity (ULV) passenger car motor oil.

For those unfamiliar with motor oil grades, close to 52% of the passenger car motor oils currently in use are SAE 5W-30 grade products. Second and third are 5W-20 and 10W-30, with an estimated 23 and 12%, market share, respectively. Whereas 5W-30 and 10W-30 have been the workhorse motor oils for several decades, times are changing. In today’s world, although engine durability remains the primary concerns, fuel economy and other issues are driving motor oil demand towards lower viscosity grades (e.g. 5W-20, 0W-20, 0W-16). These products are designed to offer the best of both worlds (fuel economy and engine protection).

Irvin Warren, Chief Executive Officer and President of Warren Oil, Headquartered in Dunn, NC, says, “For these reasons, we made the decision to Step Up and Out with the first API licensed SAE 0W-16 Full Synthetic Motor Oil.” Although demand for this viscosity grade is currently limited in the United States, Mr. Warren adds “The trend towards lighter viscosity motor oils that offer meaningful increases in fuel economy without compromising engine durability is clear. We anticipate increasing demand for this grade and we are pleased to announce that LubriGold SAE 0W-16 Full Synthetic Motor Oil is the first API approved 0W-16 in the US market.”

Adding to this, Chris Spell, Corporate VP of Marketing at Warren Oil says, “Warren Oil’s success in the lubricants business is, in part, based on anticipating, planning for, and developing lubricants to assure we are ahead of the curve in meeting both current and emerging market needs, at a competitive price.” For these reasons, Spell says, “We made the decision to take a leadership role with the introduction of LubriGold SAE 0W-16 Full Synthetic Motor Oil.” In addition to LubriGold SAE 0W-16, Spell adds “Warren Oil’s product portfolio includes a number of other quality consumer, commercial and industrial lubricants.”

About Warren Oil
Warren Oil Company, Inc. currently owns and operates six efficient and modern lubricant manufacturing and packaging plants, including a new state of the art grease plant. Warren Oil markets it lubricants both conventional and synthetic, domestically and internationally to over forty countries, under the WARREN® brand, the LUBRIGUARD® brand, the LUBRIGOLD® brand, and the ITASCA® brand. Warren Oil also manufactures and markets private label products for a number of Fortune 500 companies in addition to manufacturing and marketing a full line of automotive and heavy duty chemicals, including anti-freeze and brake fluids, under its proprietary AUTOGUARD® brand name.

For more information on LubriGold and/or other Warren Oil products, please call 910-892-6456/800-779-6456 or email

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