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Phillips 66® Lubricants Develops Leading Edge, Low Viscosity Diesel Engine Oils to Support Modern Engines

Four New FA-4 & CK-4 Products Unveiled

Phillips 66 and Kendall® announced today that it will add their most advanced diesel engine oils yet to their proven heavy-duty product portfolio. The company says these new 5W-30 full synthetic oils will deliver additional benefits to diesel trucks by increasing fuel savings without sacrificing engine protection. While 15W-40 and 10W-30 viscosity oils are common in on-the-road trucking, the industry is calling for lower viscosity oils that support the latest engine technologies to deliver maximum results.

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“The unique properties of this new generation of low viscosity oil will most benefit trucks rolling off the assembly lines this year and in the future,” said Tony Negri, commercial products director at Phillips 66. “In addition to improving fuel economy, the new oils extend oil change intervals, and provide the enhanced wear protection that our customers have come to expect.”

Shawn Ewing, coordinator product technical services-commercial at Phillips 66, added, “Phillips 66 is committed to developing oils that support OEMs’ advanced technology and modern engine design, reduce emissions and offer performance benefits to fleets. We’ve spent the past four years testing and formulating these four new products to ensure they meet and exceed specifications from the major OEMs.”


Two More Price Increases

Reliance Fluid Technologies (RFT) announced at the start of the month that it would immediately increase the price of its finished lubricants by approximately 6%. The increase was effective December 1, 2017.

DuBois Chemicals announced on November 30, 2017 that it will increase the prices on its industrial products and services by 3 to 7%. The increase is effective January 1, 2018. DuBois attributes the increase to the rising cost of alkaline, zinc, surfactant, transportation, and packaging. This will be the first price increase DuBois has made in several years.

For more on price increases, scroll down.

Launch of Asian Lubricant Manufacturers Union

 The Asian Lubricant Manufacturers Union (ALMU) launched on December 1, 2017 in Singapore. The brand-new trade association will serve the all-important Asian lubricant market — the fastest growing region for lubricant demand — and has appointed Enterprise Promotion Centres Pte Ltd (EPC), headed by Jan Tan, as Association Manager.

The ALMU represents the combined knowledge and expertise of lubricant manufacturers throughout the region, with goals of becoming the trusted voice for the Asian lubricants industry; supporting the development of high quality lubricants; and providing exceptional value to its membership organizations. The region in which ALMU shall operate includes East Asia, South Asia, North Asia, Southeast Asia and Oceania.

Prospective ALMU members include independent lubricant manufacturers, national oil companies & major oil companies, lubricant additive manufacturers, marketers and distributors, base oil manufacturers, marketers and distributors. Although members will primarily be from Asia, any organizations outside Asia that has business interests in the region are also welcomed to join.

EPC is a Singapore-based company set up in 1989 as an outcome of the SME Master Plan jointly formulated by the Singapore Economic Development Board and the relevant government agencies. EPC provides business facilitation as well as managed services to help companies promote growth and develop capability. EPC has particular expertise in association and event management services.

The first organizational meeting for the new ALMU will be held at the Four Seasons Hotel Macao, Cotai Strip on March 6, 2018. Among those present will be the presidents of the Independent Lubricant Manufacturers Association (ILMA) representing North America, UEIL representing Europe, and the Shanghai Lubricant Traders Association representing China. This event is by invitation only.

Round 3: Price Increase Summary

The following is a summary of the price increases JobbersWorld reported on for the third round of price increase is 2017

Lubricant Manufacturers Round 3

Company Announced Date Effective Date Increase
Kleen Performance Products 9/6/2017 9/6/2017 60 to 80 cpg
ExxonMobil 10/20/2017 11/20/2017 up to 6%
Chevron 10/24/2017 12/4/2017 up to 6%
Warren Oil 10/25/2017 11/17/2017 4% to 9%
Chemlube 10/26/2017 11/20/2017 20 to 25 cpg
Advanced Lubrication Specialties (ALS) 10/26/2017 11/13/2017 6 to 10%
CAM2 10/26/2017 11/15/2017 4 to 9%
Smitty’s Supply 10/26/2017 11/15/2017 20 cpg Bulk 25cpg Packaged Lubricants 3cpp Packaged Greases
Phillips 66 10/27/2017 12/1/2017 6%
Nu-Tier Brands 10/27/2017 11/17/2017 up to 6%
Sinclair Lubricants 10/27/2017 12/11/2017 up to 6%
Old World Industries 10/30/2017 11/13/2017 up to 8%
Warren Distribution 10/31/2017 11/27/2017 6 to 9%
Allegheny Petroleum   10/31/2017  11/8/2017 30 cpg
Petro-Canada 10/31/2017 12/1/2017 up to 6%
Valvoline 11/1/2017 12/1/2017 up to 5%
D-A Lubricant 11/1/2017  12/1/2017 up to 6%
CITGO 11/2/2017 12/4/2017 4 to 8%
SOPUS/Shell  11/6/2017 12/11/2017 up to 6%
BP Lubricants/Castrol (including industrial)  11/7/2017  12/11/2017 up to 6%
Total 11/9/2017 12/11/2017 up to 6%
Amalie 11/17/2017 12/16/2017 32 cpg Oil and Automotive Chemicals, 4 cpp greases
DuBois Chemicals 11/30/2017 1/1/2018 3 to 7% Industrial products and services
Reliance Fluid Technologies (RFT)  12/1/2017 12/1/2017 approx. 6%
Pinnacle Oil 11/15/2017 5 to 7%


Quick Stats for the Three Rounds of Price Increases in 2017
Days from the Start of Round 1 to the Start of Round 2 63 Days
Days from the Start of Round 2 to the Start of Round 3 205 Days
Average Price Increase for Round 1 5.79%
Average Price Increase for Round 2 5.75%
Average Price Increase for Round 3 6.28%





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