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2018: Cam2 Announces Price Increase

For those who read the issue of JobbersWorld published only hours ago, it’s clear that at least one lubricant manufacturer was working their financial spreadsheets and evaluating various courses of action to address the base oil and additive price increases taking effect this month.

Cam2 announced today that it will increase the price of its bulk and packaged lubricants and greases by 6 to 10%. The increase goes into effect on February 5, 2018.

ELM’s Biobased Lubricants Debut in Japan

Environmental Lubricants Manufacturing, Inc., a leading US manufacturer of biobased grease and lubricants, announced on January 9, 2018 an exclusive distributor agreement with Chugoku Kogyo Co., Ltd., Hiroshima, as nationwide distributor of ELM products. Prior to this venture, the two companies invested time studying the Japanese lubricants market potential for biobased grease and lubricants in Japan. ELM and Chugoku Kogyo engineers also spent time at each other’s sites for training and information exchange in Iowa and in Hiroshima.

“We found the Chugoku Kogyo management team is committed to environmental stewardship and is determined to sell, and eventually transfer biobased technologies to Japan,” said Dr. Lou Honary, ELM Chairman and President. Additionally, as a respected lubricant manufacturer and supplier in Japan, Chugoku Kogyo Co., Ltd., has a salesforce and the resources in place to deliver biobased products efficiently within diverse Japanese markets.”


Mr. Ryuichi Sakai, President and CEO of Chugoku Kogyo Co., states that “…ELM’s history of biobased lubricants technology, originating from university based research, and their revolutionary microwave based process adds credence to ELM’s ability to support the needs of Chugoku Kogyo clients. Our goal is to work cooperatively toward selling and eventually manufacturing ELM’s biobased products in Japan.”

Both executives believe Japan’s market is ready for biobased products. While there is awareness of environment friendly products, concerns over cost and performance have hindered progress so far. ELM’s patented microwave based grease processing has reduced the cost of biobased greases to parity with their mineral oil counterparts. ELM’s biobased grease products meet some of the most stringent industry standards including the NLGI LB and GC-LB ratings. With the marketing and sales resources of Chugoku Kogyo Co., it is expected that biobased grease and lubricants products will become a growing commodity in Japan.

About ELM:
Founded in 2000 by Professor Lou Honary and the University of Northern Iowa (UNI) Research Foundation to market biobased lubricants and grease technologies transferred from the University’s National Agriculture-Based Lubricants Center (UNI-NABL); also founded by Honary in 1991. In 2014, Honary retired from the University to manage ELM full time. A leading manufacturer of biobased greases in the US, ELM uses a unique patented microwaved-based grease process to manufacture biobased greases along with a wide array of liquid lubricants. Currently headquartered in an 87,000-sq. ft. facility in Grundy Center, Iowa, the company is privately owned and markets its products primarily via established petroleum lubricant manufacturers and distributors under private label and ELM brand:

About Chugoku Kogyo Co., LTD.:
Founded in 1940 in Hiroshima, Japan, the company prides itself with its strict quality control and has Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) certification for engine oils, turbine and gear oils. The company is privately owned and services the racing industry, construction, agriculture and forestry, die-casting, metalworking, concrete mold, and transformer industry. Headquartered in Hiroshima, Chugoku Kogyo has additional sales offices in Tokyo, Osaka, Hiroshima and Fukuoka, Manufacturing plants are Hatsukaichi and Saiki in Hiroshima. Product brands include Seahorse, Daytona and Daytona Pro Spec for Racing.

New VANGUARD™ Synthetic Oil Provides Improved Small Engine Protection, Even in Extreme Environments

A new synthetic oil has taken the commercial small engine protection game to the next level. Briggs & Stratton Corporation introduces Vanguard™ Full Synthetic 15W-50 Engine Oil – a high performance engine oil that provides superior protection for the most demanding lawn and garden applications. From its ability to handle extreme heat and cold with ease to its extended oil life, Vanguard Oil may just become the next must-have for every garage and storage shed.

“Commercial-focused turf cutters push their small engines to the max, operating for hours on end,” says Carissa Gingras, director of marketing, global support. “These continuous, tough conditions demand maximum protection in order to optimize engine performance and minimize the profit-robbing impact of downtime.”

Vanguard Oil is a full synthetic engine oil, making it a high performance solution for engine protection. It also provides longer oil life compared to a semi-synthetic or mineral-based oil product. The zinc ingredient provides anti-wear protection from metal engine components and a high quality detergent ensures lower engine deposits as it wears.

Even in the most demanding environments, Vanguard Oil delivers. It is suitable for use in outdoor temperatures up to 130°F, providing maximum protection in hot summer months. Cold starting properties go as low as 20°F ensuring easy starting in late fall months.

Vanguard Oil is warranty-certified and suitable for use in air-cooled 4-cycle small engines. It is recommended for use in lawn and garden equipment and pressure washers, and is especially effective in continuous use commercial and/or industrial equipment such as zero-turn riders, lawn tractors, stand-on mowers and wide-area-walk mowers.

Source: Briggs & Stratton

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