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More Price Increases in Round Two

Maverick Performance Products announced today a price increase of 6 to 8% on its VP finished lubricants to be effective with orders placed on or after April 2, 2018. This increase is being driven by the continuing rise in raw materials costs used in manufacturing finished lubricants.

Reliance Fluid Technologies (RFT) announced it will raise its lubricant prices by 4 to 9%. The increase is effective April 9, 2018. Reliance attributes the increase to the rising costs of base oils, additives, packaging and transportation.

Martin Lubricants advised its customers of a 4 to 10% price increase on Its SynGard®, Xtreme®, and Gard® branded products and all private label lubricants and greases. This increase is effective April 16th. Martin attributes the adjustment to escalation in the costs of raw materials, including base oil, additives and resin for bottles and pails.

Sunbelt Lubricants announced a price increase of 6 to 8% for finished lubricants effective March 21st.

Warren Distribution announced a price increase of 5 to 8% on all lubricants to be effective with orders placed on or after Monday, April 9, 2018. This increase is being driven by the continuing rise in raw materials, base oils, additives and transportation costs.

As of today, the list of companies JobbersWorld reported on that have announced lubricant price increases in 2018 Round 2 is shown below:
Company Announced Date Effective Date Increase
Sinclair Lubricants 2/12/2018 3/1/2018 up to 5%
CAM2 3/1/2018 3/24/2018 4 to 10%
Smitty’s Supply 3/1/2018 3/24/2018 4 to 10%
Pinnacle Oil 3/2/2018 3/19/2018 5 to 10%
Allegheny Petroleum 3/5/2018 3/24/2018 4 to 8%
Advanced Lubrication Specialities (ALS) 3/29/2018 6 to 9%
Sunoco 3/29/2018 6 to 9%
Chemlube 3/7/2018 3/26/2018 5 to 8%
Reliance Fluid Technologies (RFT) 3/7/2018 4/9/2018 4 to 9%
Sunbelt Lubricants 3/8/2018 3/21/2018 6 to 8%
PennStar 3/9/2018 3/19/2018 6 to 10%
Martin Lubricants 3/12/2018 4/16/2018 4 to 10%
Warren Distribution 3/12/2018 4/9/2018 5 to 8%
Maverick Performance Products 3/7/2018 3/26/2018 5 to 8%

JobbersWorld Announces Lubricant Pricing Reports

JWMiniBooks-3A must have report for manufacturers, marketers, buyers and others looking to understand price drivers and communicate the reasons for price increases to customers.

THE REPORTS provide insights and information on finished lubricant prices and an in-depth analysis of the cost drivers responsible for the changes in lubricant costs and prices in the US market.

The Finished Lubricant Pricing Reports provide lubricant manufacturers and marketers with an independent source of information and insights on price changes at the manufacturer and retail levels and the key drivers behind the changes. In addition to the influence of crude and base oil, the reports analyze the impact of changes in the cost of lubricant additives, transportation, packaging, labor, and others.

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