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Quest Resource Holding Corporation Brings Its Used Motor Oil Recycling Program to Shell Lubricant Customers


Quest Resource Holding Corporation, a national provider of corporate sustainability services, is introducing a used motor oil recycling program at locations across the United States for customers using the Shell portfolio of motor oil products.

“Quest is delighted to help customers using Shell motor oil products to recycle their waste lubricants,” said Ray Hatch, Chief Executive Officer of Quest. “Quest is committed to providing the highest level of service and an environmentally sound oil recycling program.”

Quest is working with customers to provide a ready-made solution to see that the Shell portfolio of motor oil products used by customers are safely collected and recycled.

Quest’s waste reduction and disposal solutions cover more than 100 waste streams across North America. Quest’s national footprint allows it to provide disposal and recycling solutions for companies across the United States in a variety of industries, including fleet and automotive after service. Last year alone, Quest ensured that more than 40 million gallons of used motor oil and approximately 19 million used tires were properly recycled.

About Quest Resource Holding Corporation
Quest is a national provider of reuse, recycling, and disposal services that enable our customers to achieve and satisfy their environmental and sustainability goals and responsibilities. Quest provides businesses across multiple industry sectors with single source solutions for the reuse, recycling, and disposal of a wide variety of waste streams and recyclables generated by their operations. Quest’s customers typically are multi-location businesses for which we create, implement, and manage customer-specific programs for the collection, processing, recycling, disposal, and tracking of waste streams and recyclables. Quest also provides information and data that tracks and reports the environmental results of Quest’s services, provides actionable data to improve business operations, and enables Quest’s customers to achieve and satisfy their environmental and sustainability goals and responsibilities. For more information, visit

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