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Kellerstrass Oil Company to be Acquired by Parkland

Locations throughout Utah, Idaho, Nevada, Colorado, Montana and Wyoming

Kellerstrass Oil Company, a market leading fuel and lubricant business with operations in six US western states, announced today that it has entered into an acquisition agreement with Parkland through its U.S. based subsidiary (“Parkland USA”).  Parkland is one of North America and the Caribbean’s fastest growing independent suppliers and marketers of fuel and petroleum products.

Kellerstrass Oil has been in operation since 1948 and is headquartered in Salt Lake City, UT. They are a leading marketer of fuel, lubricants, coolants and DEF across Idaho, Utah, Nevada, Colorado, Montana and Wyoming. Its 90 employees, throughout nine plants and offices, a rail terminal and its transportation logistic division, serve customers in the agriculture, construction, oil and gas, mining, industrial plant, manufacturing, heavy duty fleet and quick lube industries.

“As a family-owned business, we’ve worked hard over the years to deliver fuel and lubricant products safely and reliably through the multiple states we cover. Kellerstrass prides itself on exceptional customer service, and this same level of service will continue with Parkland. Chane Kellerstrass will serve in a leadership role with Parkland USA, helping to lead commercial sales within the region,” said Craig Kellerstrass, president of Kellerstrass Oil Company.

“Kellerstrass Oil provides an additional boost of organic growth opportunities that advances our core strategy of leveraging our existing supply and distribution capabilities in the markets we serve,” said John Jardine, Vice President and General Manager of the Rockies Regional Operating Center (ROC.) “We welcome the leadership team and the rest of the employees into Parkland USA.”

The acquisition is expected to close in the first quarter of 2020, and will be integrated into the Rockies ROC, based in Utah.

About Kellerstrass Oil Company

Kellerstrass Oil was founded in 1948 by Craig Kellerstrass’ father, Ken Kellerstrass, and his two brothers Mack and Dean, and began serving customers in Ogden, Utah.  For more than 72 years, Kellerstrass has grown as a leading petroleum marketer in Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, Colorado, Montana and Nevada.  Today, Kellerstrass is still committed to providing excellent customer service and quality refined products to meet our customer’s petroleum and lubricant needs.

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