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Drydene Performance Products Launches New Metalworking Line

Drydene announced today that it now offers a new, comprehensive line of specialized metalworking fluids, rust preventatives, and cleaners. The line includes fluids for metal removal, drawing/stamping/forming, machine support, and rust preventatives.  

“Our technical team took the time to identify specific products and product lines that provide both excellent end-use performance and economics for our customers and distributors alike,” said Dave Stover, Product Manager for Drydene Performance Products. “We worked closely with one of our oldest distributors, PPC Lubricants, and their technical specialists to conduct extensive field testing and to help identify new product opportunities based on their customers’ input.” 

“Over the years, many brands have devested of their metalworking lines, so we saw this as a unique opportunity to help bolster our industrial product offer and fill a gap in the market.”

The Purcell Company, a machine shop in Palmyra, PA, has been using Drydene Versolcut X5 for 6 months. “The product is holding up very well, plus we have noticed a slight increase in tool life,” said Shop Manager, Joe Piconi. “As far as sump life, we haven’t had to pump out any coolant tanks since we’ve started using this product. Some of my machines sit a month at a time in between use, and the coolant hasn’t lost its shelf life.”

About Drydene Performance Products
For over a century Drydene lubricants have been made in America and made to last, paving the way on our highways, in our fields and on the production line. And we’re still right here today doing what we do best; helping America Get the Job Done. Drydene products are built with ALL Technology®, Advanced Lubricity Life chemistry, to meet and exceed today’s modern automotive, heavy duty and industrial needs. Drydene offers a complete line of automotive, commercial, and industrial lubricants, including engine oils, diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), transmission fluids, grease, and hydraulic & gear oils. More>>

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