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ELM Expanding Microwave-Operated Grease Manufacturing Plant

Environmental Lubricants Manufacturing, Inc., a leading manufacturer of Biobased/Biodegradable grease in the United States, is expanding its production resources. Demand for ELM biobased greases has increased several folds during 2021; and the company projects significant additional growth next year. Dr. Lou Honary, ELM president said that “… there has been recent emphasis on sustainability by key US corporations. This has attracted many new users to our biobased grease products being served through our distributors network or mostly by our private label clients.”

Honary said “ELM is the only company known to be using our patented microwave-based grease processing technology for manufacturing grease. The new plant will represent the future of grease making technology with a first ever one megawatt total microwave generation for grease processing vessels. It will be dedicated to producing large quantities of high-quality grease at revolutionary processing speeds”. ELM biobased greases offer oxidation stability better than greases made in conventional processing methods at prices that are competitive with conventional grease products.

The new plant expansion will be housed inside ELM’s current 87,000 sq-ft facility. The expansion according to Honary “… will showcase how the future of processing industry will look like. That is eliminating the conventional heating methods that use steam or heat transfer oil. Instead, it uses the magnetic fields of radio waves to directly excite the molecules of the products to be heated to the exact desired temperatures. The energy efficiency and the speed of processing using microwaves is expected to be a disruptive technique for the process industry in the years to come. Importantly it increases the safety of grease processing which is a recent sore point for the grease industry; after the Chemtool fire with a major impact on the grease supplies in the US.”

ELM’s new expansion is expected to begin operation by 2nd quarter 2022. For more information or for confidential review of private labeled Biobased lubricants, contact: Lou Honary at, or 319-824-5203

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