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JobbersWorld is a Petroleum Trends International, Inc. Publication

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ExMo, CAM2, Smitty's, and Sinclair Announce Increases, PennStar Revises Previous

  • ExxonMobil will be implementing a finished lubricant price increase of up to 10%. The adjustment is effective on June 15, 2022. The company attributes the need for the price adjustment to increases in costs for additives, base oils, transportation and manufacturing.
  • CAM2 International announced they are implementing a price increase of 8-10%, effective June 2, 2022. CAM2 notes that the cost of nearly all components that go into making its products has continued to increase significantly – specifically base oils, additives, and fuel.
  • Smitty’s Supply will increase prices on all lubricating oils, fluids, greases, aerosols, and automotive chemical products by 8 to 10%, effective June 2, 2022. Smitty’s attributes the need for the increase to the continuing rise in the cost of base oils, additives, and fuel since its last increase.
  • Sinclair Lubricants announced it will be implementing a price increase of up to 12% on finished lubricant products, effective June 4th, 2022. As with its previous increase, Sinclair notes that this price adjustment is heavily influenced by the increased cost of transportation, base oils, and raw materials to produce finished products.
  • PennStar Lubricants advised customers that due to the new and significantly large base oil increases that went into effect Friday May 13, 2022, PennStar is revising the price increase they announced on May 5, 2022. While that adjustment was set to raise prices by up to 8%, effective May 27, the revised increase moves it by up to 14%, depending on product class, and the effective date is June 1, 2022.
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