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Fuel Relief Fund Announces Charlie and Karly Cady as The New Co-Chairmen of its Board of Directors

Fuel Relief Fund (“FRF”), the world’s only charitable organization focused exclusively on fuel provision in natural disasters and complex emergencies, is pleased to announce Charlie and Karly Cady as the new Co-Chairmen of its Board of Directors.

Charlie and Karly Cady

Charlie and Karly Cady are both employed by Sun Coast Resources, Inc., a recognized leader throughout the US in the wholesale marketing of fuels, lubricants and emergency response services.

Ted Honcharik, founder and Chairman Emeritus of the Board, says “I have had an amazing, life changing experience being the Chairman of the Board for Fuel Relief Fund. I cannot think of anyone better than Charlie and Karly Cady to take over this role for the organization. With their passion and experience they will provide new opportunities for FRF to grow and thus help save additional lives through the distribution of free fuel. I feel privileged to have worked with an amazing Board of Directors and want to thank all volunteers and donors for their support in the past. I will continue as a dedicated volunteer and am excited about the future of FRF.”

With 25 years of fuel industry experience, Ted has grown FRF into an organization with global reach and forged impactful partnerships with United Nations agencies and humanitarian agencies around the world.

Newly appointed Co-Chair Charlie Cady stated: “Karly and I are honored to have been elected Co-Chairmen of the Board for Fuel Relief Fund. Ted has created such an impactful organization. Like Ted, Karly and I hope to use our experience in emergency fuel operations grow Ted’s legacy and continue helping those affected by global disasters.”

Co-Chairman Karly Cady added, “I am impressed by the willingness and ability of this organization to respond to areas around the world experiencing humanitarian crises. Fuel Relief Fund’s team of volunteers is a remarkable group of people who have been eager to travel to countries such as Ukraine, Yemen, Ethiopia, and Haiti. And now, within 24 hours’ notice, we have a team deploying to Turkey to establish fuel supply and logistics for local government and humanitarian groups following this devastating series of earthquakes. Charlie and I are proud to be appointed as Co-Chairmen of FRF and to carry on Ted’s legacy.”

On February 6th, FRF mobilized a team of experienced volunteers to travel to Gaziantep, Turkey, where more than 6,500 people have been killed and thousands more have been injured or remain missing. In the aftermath of the earthquakes, tens of thousands of survivors are without access to heat, electricity, and essential provisions.

Fuel will be a critical resource in the coming days in the disaster zone. The FRF team will be distributing fuel directly to earthquake survivors, to help them heat their homes, boil water, and prepare food. Additionally, FRF will assist first responders, including search and rescue teams, medical personnel, and other aid organizations engaged in disaster response.

These deployments are made possible by the continued generosity of FRF’s donors and their dedicated team of experienced volunteers. Every dollar donated to Fuel Relief Fund supports the purchase and distribution of life-saving fuel and supplies.

About Fuel Relief Fund

Established in 2005, in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, Fuel Relief Fund operates as both as a first responder in the immediate aftermath of a disaster and as an expert advisor to governments and humanitarian aid agencies preparing for, or responding to, crisis-related fuel challenges.

As a first responder, FRF sources, transports, and distributes fuel to beneficiaries in sudden onset disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, and tsunamis. FRF also acts as an expert advisor to humanitarian organizations and UN agencies, developing response plans and preparedness measures to help mitigate fuel challenges in humanitarian crises.

FRF has responded to 20 disasters around the world as a direct service provider, providing assistance to hundreds of aid agencies and hundreds of thousands of beneficiaries in the aftermath of earthquakes, hurricanes, typhoons and tsunamis in countries such as Japan, Nepal, Ecuador, Haiti, and Mozambique. In addition, FRF manages long-term fuel supply chain projects in Yemen and Ethiopia in support of the World Food Programme.

Most recently, FRF deployed to Lee County, Florida in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian, where they distributed 30,000 gallons of fuel to disaster survivors and first responders, benefitting an estimated 25,000 people.

To learn more about our work or to donate, visit

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