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American Refining Group, Inc Launches Kendex® Dust-Defense™

arglogoAmerican Refining Group, Inc. (ARG) announces the release of new technology that reduces respirable crystalline silica as well as nuisance dust generated from sand used in oil and gas fracing operations. Kendex® Dust-Defense™, a liquid dust suppressant developed in-house by ARG chemists, increases worker protection from exposure to respirable crystalline silica along the entire supply chain.

Kendex® Dust-Defense™ has been successfully field tested in the fracing industry. There was a 90% reduction in respirable crystalline silica. Laboratory test results by an independent firm measure reductions in respirable crystalline silica below the OSHA proposed 50 μg/m 3 limit.

David Krantz, VP of Research and Development for ARG states, “As a specialty refiner we fully understand the importance of providing the safest possible work environment for our employees. We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new Kendex® Dust-Defense™ liquid dust suppressant that significantly reduces respirable crystalline silica at frac sites and sand mines. This novel, patent-pending technology is the culmination of two years of rigorous product development at pilot and commercial scale.”

In addition to increasing worker protection, coating sand with Kendex® Dust-Defense™ gives the additional benefits of adding lubricity and inherent moisture repellency to sand particles, as well as being easy to apply. The use of Kendex® Dust-Defense™ also eliminates the need for bulky vacuum systems at the frac site where space is at a premium.

“Kendex® Dust-Defense™ is one of the first of its kind and will truly change the landscape of frac sites and sand mines across the country,” said Tim Brown, Executive VP Sales and Marketing for ARG. “The assurance companies will have that their workers have increased protection from respirable crystalline silica will prove to be invaluable.”

Kendex® Dust-Defense™ is compatible with frac fluids currently being used at fracturing sites. As shown from successful laboratory and field tests, Kendex® Dust-Defense™ will not alter the features of the proppant.

“We feel confident that in addition to the visual benefits that Kendex® Dust-Defense™ will bring, we are also aiding in providing a safe environment for frac site workers. This was our number one goal as we developed this product,” according to Brown.

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About American Refining Group (ARG)
American Refining Group, Inc.’s unique, privately owned facility is situated on approximately 131 acres in Bradford, Pennsylvania, the heart of McKean County and the birthplace of the U.S. domestic oil industry more than 100 years ago. The refinery has a rated capacity of 11,000 barrels per day and processes light sweet paraffinic crude. This type of crude is available domestically, and ARG purchases the majority of its crude from sources in Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York and West Virginia. We strive to supply our customers with consistent quality products and flexibility in working together to succeed and provide service that is second to none.

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