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Doug Rathbun, Bureau Chief for the Illinois Department of Agriculture Bureau of Weights & Measures to Speak at the PQIA Summit

Today, the Petroleum Quality Institute of America announced that Doug Rathbun will present at the upcoming PQIA Lubricant Quality Summit in Cleveland, Ohio and participate on the panel to discuss what is being done and what more can be done to address non-compliant/off spec lubricants in the market.

Douglas Rathbun Bureau Chief, Bureau of Weights and Measures, Illinois Department of Agriculture

Doug Rathbun is the Bureau Chief for the Illinois Department of Agriculture Bureau of Weights & Measures. As the Bureau Chief he oversees the inspection of all weighing and measuring devices in the State. His Bureau performs approximately 141,000 device inspections per year.

Mr. Rathbun also is responsible for the Metrology Laboratory and the motor fuel quality inspection program. Mr. Rathbun is the current Chairman of the Central Weights & Measures Association and serves on the Fuels & Lubrication subcommittee for the National Conference on Weights & Measures.

Thomas Glenn, President of the Petroleum Quality Institute of America says “The States of Illinois, Missouri, and Michigan’s participation in the PQIA Lubricant Quality Summit provides an excellent opportunity for lubricant manufacturers, marketers and others to hear about the actions the states are taking to protect consumers from non-compliant motor oil, ATF, and antifreeze. In addition, it gives those in our industry along with lubricant buyers and others an opportunity to dialog with the states about what more can be done to assure the quality and integrity of lubricants in the market, and how we, as an industry, can help to make it happen.”

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