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Valvoline Unveils its Premium Blue One Solution™

One Solution has become the first engine oil approved to meet Cummins Engine Spec (CES 20092) that allows for extended drains in natural gas engines.

As previously communicated in Valvoline’s April 2018 Product Information Bulletin, a new mobile natural gas engine oil performance specification has been introduced for stoichiometric combustion Cummins Westport mid-range and heavy-duty engines. The new specification-Cummins Engineering Standard (CES) 20092-provides significantly improved oxidation and thermal stability compared to previous natural gas oils.


With today’s announcement, Valvoline says its new “Premium Blue One Solution™” has become the first engine oil approved to meet Cummins Engine Spec (CES 20092) that allows for extended drains in natural gas engines.

According to Valvoline, with the use of CES 20092 compliant oils, such as Valvoline™ Premium Blue One Solution™, Cummins Westport has recommended increasing oil drain intervals for some engines and applications. Applicable engines are the Cummins Westport ISX12 G, ISX12N, ISL G, and L9N natural gas engines.

  • ISX12 G / ISX12N: The recommended interval is 40,000 mi (64,000 km) for vehicles with average road speeds greater than 25 mph (40 kph).

Operators of vehicles with average road speeds less than 25 mph (40 kph), should consult the appropriate Operation and Maintenance manual for recommended oil drain intervals.

  • ISL G / L9N: The recommended interval is 1,000 hrs.

All Cummins Westport natural gas engines using stoichiometric combustion are compatible with CES 20092 oils. These platforms will benefit from a transition to CES 20092 oils, which require a more modern oil additive system than previously used for CES 20074 or CES 20085 oils. The new specification requires a much stronger antioxidant combination to provide protection at the high temperatures experienced in modern natural gas engines. The range of allowable ash levels for CES 20092 oils (0.7-0.9%) is similar to the CES 20085 specification. Lean burn legacy engines should continue to use CES 20074 oils until further notice.

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