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Vesco Oil Corporation Acquires Acculube, Leading Distributor of Lubricant and Metalworking Products in Dayton, Ohio

Vesco Oil Corporation, one of the largest distributors of branded automotive and industrial lubricants in the United States and a leading provider of environmental services, including used oil and antifreeze collection, today announced the acquisition of Accurate Lubricants & Metalworking Fluids Inc, aka Acculube.

Vesco Oil, a third-generation family-owned business founded in 1947, services the Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Indiana markets. For Vesco Oil the acquisition will enlarge its geographic footprint and expand its product and service offerings in Ohio. Founded in 1990 and based in Dayton, Ohio, Acculube is a leading distributor of industrial and metalworking fluids. It is a privately held distributor of Mobil industrial and commercial vehicle lubricants, and a distributor of industrial chemicals and metalworking fluids for Castrol and Houghton. Vesco Oil Corporation President and co-owner Lilly Epstein Stotland made the acquisition announcement. “Acculube has a wonderful history and reputation in the industry, and we have the utmost respect for its leadership and expertise. Vesco Oil has sought strategic growth, and Acculube fits perfectly into our growth plans,” said Epstein Stotland. “Our companies share similar values and a customer-centric mindset. We welcome Acculube to our Vesco Oil family.”

“For 28 years, our leadership team and dedicated employees have built a great company,” said Acculube CEO Marilyn Kinne. “I am so pleased we will now join Vesco Oil, a company I have held in high regard for many years.” Acculube President Chris Fisk will continue as the Dayton division manager for Vesco Oil. “We take great pride in serving our customers. Our relationship with Vesco Oil will only help them to grow and prosper,” said Fisk. In the last eight years, Vesco Oil has expanded its business with existing suppliers including five locations in Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, and Wauseon, Ohio, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Vesco Oil is one of the largest distributors of Mobil branded lubricants. Other key supplier relationships include Valvoline-VPS, Castrol Metalworking, Perkins, Motorcraft, MOC Products, Fortech, and Niteo.

About Vesco Oil Corporation: Vesco Oil Corporation is an ISO 9001 – 14001 certified and environmentally conscientious distributor, providing automotive and industrial customers with a full range of high quality lubricants and supporting services. Founded in 1947 by Eugene Epstein, Vesco Oil Corporation is one of the largest distributors of branded automotive and industrial lubricants in the United States and is a leading collector of used oil and antifreeze. The company also is a full service provider of automotive appearance products, sells a full line of metalworking fluids and is a leading provider of bulk windshield washer solvent and antifreeze. Vesco Oil Corporation is a majority women- owned business, receiving Certification from the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council. For more information, visit

FTC Completes Review of Recycled Oil Rule

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) today announced it has completed its regulatory review of the Recycled Oil Rule (formally, the “Test Procedures and Labeling Standards for Recycled Oil”).

“As part of its systematic review of all current FTC rules and guides, in 2017 the Commission sought public comment on the costs, benefits, and regulatory and economic impact of its rule. After reviewing the comments received, the agency has amended the rule to update the reference to API Publication 1509.”

The FTC updates the Rule’s reference to American Petroleum Institute Publication 1509 to reflect the most recent version of that document. Otherwise, the Commission retains the Rule in its current form.

Click for public comment analysis and amendment: 16 CFR Part 311: Test Procedures and Labeling Standards for Recycled Oil; Incorporation by Reference of Updated Publication

Class-Action Lawsuits Filed Against Tractor Supply Company, Smitty’s Supply, Orscheln, CITGO, and Old World Industries for Sales of “303” Tractor Hydraulic Fluid Products

As reported in JobbersWorld on July 16, 2018

Three class-action lawsuits have been filed in Cass County, Missouri claiming that the defendants (Tractor Supply Company, Smitty’s Supply, Orscheln, CITGO, and Old World Industries) conduct has harmed consumers by inducing them to purchase and use “303” tractor hydraulic fluid (THF) products, on the false promise that the 303 THF products meet certain specifications and by directly or implicitly representing that the products are safe for use in farm, construction and logging equipment and have certain characteristics and qualities that protect equipment from wear and damage when, in reality, the products do not meet any specifications and cause harm, increased wear and damage to consumers’ equipment.

Each of the defendants answered the complaints and denied any knowledge that representations of the products were false, and denied that they are liable to the plaintiffs in any amount.


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