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JobbersWorld is a Petroleum Trends International, Inc. Publication

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Total Brings TOTAL FOLIA to Market

The Lubricants Business Line of Total Specialties USA, Inc. (TSUSA), announces the launch of TOTAL FOLIA, a “revolution in the field of metalworking.” TOTAL FOLIA is a bio-sourced solution free of mineral oils and emulsifiers with high cooling and lubricating properties.

TSUSA says, TOTAL FOLIA provides substantial productivity gains through outstanding cooling and lubrication properties, reduction of process stops, longer tool life and reduced operating costs. Tooling costs in machining are a significant component of operating costs and because TOTAL FOLIA allows high temperatures to be reached, the tenacity of the tool and its natural wear increase.

TSUSA is committed to energy that is affordable, reliable and clean, in compliance with the highest safety and environmental standards and is proud to bring such a tangible solution to the challenges faced in the metalworking industry. Moreover, TOTAL FOLIA addresses three important focus areas: health, safety and environment.

  • Health Benefits: bio sourced, no smell, no fumes due to high cooling power, no skin irritation due to lack of mineral oils, cleaner operations and workspace.
  • Safety Benefits: limited inventory due to less stock keeping unit, non-slippery and spotless flooring, less hazardous components.
  • Environmental Benefits: long fluid lifespan, less hazardous to the environment, normal waste treatment methods can be applied, bio-sourced raw materials.

About Total Specialties USA, Inc.
Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Total Specialties USA, Inc. is a part of the Americas Division for the Marketing & Services Branch of the Total Group. Total Lubricants, a business unit of Total Specialties USA, Inc. offers a comprehensive range of oils, greases and special products for a range of industries. Our products are sold through a comprehensive network of distributors, direct channels and an online presence.

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