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PetroChoice Unveils PC Now® Online Ordering


PetroChoice, a leading provider of lubrication solutions, announced on Monday, April 19, 2021, the launch of their PC Now® platform.

PC Now® is a high-tech e-commerce platform developed to enable all PetroChoice contract customers to complete orders online. The self-serve capability allows customers to place orders 24/7 and allows an easy reorder process for frequently purchased products.

PC Now® currently offers easy product search, order history, ship-to selection, online invoicing and two-click check-out. There are many more exciting features that will be added in the coming months and access will be expanded to new customers during that time. 

“The addition of PC Now® online ordering allows customers to order whenever it is convenient for them, which has only grown in importance during the pandemic,” Celeste Mastin, CEO of PetroChoice, said. “This development continues to expand the lead PetroChoice asserted with PC Gold®, in providing meaningful customer service enhancements to the lubricants marketplace. We will continue to leverage this powerful pairing of PC Now® and PC Gold® as we add unparalleled new features in our customer portal.”


About PetroChoice

PetroChoice is one of the largest petroleum-based lubricant distributors in the United States, providing business solutions for industrial, commercial and passenger automobile customers. The company, headquartered in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, operates locations across the U.S. and employs some of the nation’s most knowledgeable technical experts in lubrication services and equipment. For more information please visit


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