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Mobil 1 introduces Triple Action Formula and Triple Action Formula+ to enhance motor performance, protection, and cleanliness

Mobil 1 recently announced that its new and improved motor oil formulation was hitting the market, offering its unique Triple Action Formula and Triple Action Formula+. With the introduction of the formulation, drivers and consumers can continue to trust Mobil 1 motor oils to keep their engine running smoothly with the unique blend of premium ingredients.

Triple Action Formula comprises three essential benefits for consumers:

  1. Performance to keep their engine running longer
  2. Protection to help in preventing breakdowns
  3. Cleanliness to prevent buildup of sludge and contaminants

The formulation will continue to allow consumers to go 10,000 miles between oil changes with guaranteed protection. In addition, it allows higher resistance to oil breakdown and helps extend engine life, even in severe conditions. With these new product benefits, consumers and drivers can now spend less time maintaining their car and more time enjoying the ride.

For drivers looking to get even more out of their engine, Mobil 1 Extended Performance and Mobil 1 Extended Performance High Mileage motor oils will now be offering Triple Action Formula+, a new product benefit that maximizes engine power in addition to the key benefits offered with Triple Action Formula (enhanced engine performance, protection, and cleanliness). Triple Action Formula+ also helps drivers go even further between oil changes, with guaranteed protection for 20,000 miles.

“At Mobil 1, we recognize that people have started driving their vehicles, both new and used, for longer periods of time and expect their engines to keep running at peak efficiency – mile after mile, year after year,” said Bryce Huschka, Mobil 1 Marketing Manager. “We continue to push the boundaries in product innovation so more drivers can feel confident that their engines will perform in all conditions. We are proud to launch the Triple Action formulation to help people get more out of any car and spend more time on the fun parts of driving – whether it be a short road trip or cross-country adventure.”

Source: ExxonMobil

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