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JobbersWorld is a Petroleum Trends International, Inc. Publication

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Cadence Petroleum Group launches EDvantage

Cadence Petroleum Group launches EDvantage, the industry’s newest mobile-enabled training platform, designed for PCMO business owners and managers to help develop employees and grow their bottom line.

Today’s labor market climate presents automotive leaders with unprecedented employee onboarding challenges, along with safety incidents and scarce time for essential customer service training.

A workforce study by NADA (National Automotive Dealers Association) cites a 2022 employee turnover rate of 34%, a broad indicator of what’s also happening in quick lubes, tire stores and repair shops. The Cadence EDvantage program, developed after several years of feedback from customers, provides online learning courses available as an app for iPhone and Android, that’s designed to shorten new-hire onboarding and improve retention and overall customer service experience.

“We are excited to now offer a best-in-class training resource to our current customers and new customers where there’s historically been a gap in making these tools readily available. Our customers asked and we wanted to deliver this new tool to strengthen our partnerships and be more than just another vendor,” Chief Commercial Officer Mike Stefanacci said.

While training programs are available through the large quick lube franchises, Stefanacci notes that there are many small- to mid-size fast lube operators that can, and should benefit from such programs. Further, unlike training programs under the big brand umbrellas, Cadance EDvantage is brand agnostic. As such, “First and foremost, in EDvantage is to provide best-in-class training resource to our customers,” says Stefanacci.

When asked why an installer would partner with Cadance, Stafanacci told JobbersWorld, ‘At Cadence, we know what it takes to grow your business as we’ve lived, breathed, and operated installer businesses over generations through our collections of legacy businesses. We also have industry experts on our team and valued supplier partners that offer best in class insight into the installer channel to help retain talent, grow your business, and increase your bottom line.’

About Cadence Petroleum Group

Cadence Petroleum is one of the largest distributors of lubricants, fuel, antifreeze, diesel exhaust fluid, and other ancillary products for the eastern and central United States. For additional information, please visit

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