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JobbersWorld is a Petroleum Trends International, Inc. Publication

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Happy Father’s Day

By Thomas F. Glenn

Having been in the lubricants business for over 33 years, you can be sure there are days when I sit back and reflect on the past. In those times, I often think back at the start of my career as a data analyst with a used oil analysis laboratory. Those were the early days when there was a lot to learn, and the learning didn’t stop there. Instead, it continued for me as a sales rep for a lubricant distributor and then selling for a major oil company. That was followed by many years as a consultant and now… still learning as publisher of JobbersWorld.



But in all that time and all those days, I think the most learned, meaningful, and treasured lessons about the business, came from my grandfather.

My grandfather was a senior executive with close to 50 years of dedicated service to Texaco. The lessons he taught me started when I came down the stairs in pajamas at Christmas and found a Texaco tanker under the tree and hearing him sing from time-to-time “You can trust your car to the man who wears the star.” He was dedicated. And it didn’t stop there. The oil business was a large part of his life and my family’s while growing up.

But something else I had the pleasure to learn about this business over the years didn’t come from my grandfather. Instead, it came from what I have learned listening to stories about your fathers and grandfathers and the impact they have had on your lives and businesses. These stories have also been true treasures.

So with father’s day just around the corner, shine a light on your dad and/or granddad. Send JobbersWorld a picture or two with a few words about what’s important to you about the impact they have had on your life and business. JobbersWorld will publish these pictures and thoughts in our special Father’s Day Edition on Friday.

P.S. My grandfather is the forth person from the left in the front row. Send us a picture of those who helped shape your life and lubricants business.

If you read this far and want to see more of some of the Golden Years at Texaco in New England…. Click here.

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