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Sharing in Your Sadness

With Our Sympathy 


We are saddened to announce Tom Twining, International Sales Manager for Royal Mfg Co, LP was involved in a fatal auto accident outside of Beijing during a recent trip to China to see customers and friends.  Tom will be missed by his many acquaintances in the lubricants business.

Prior to joining Royal, Tom was with Chemtool for several years and before that he was with Castrol.  Tom has a degree in Chemistry and over thirty years’ experience in the lube and grease industry as a sales engineer.  Tom was a hands on person in the field of lubrication.  He is recognized for his knowledge of lubricating off highway and industrial equipment including mining, steel and heavy equipment.


Tom always looked forward to his trips to Asia and nearby countries because he had developed both business and personal relationships wherever he traveled.  Tom will be missed by his fellow employees, customers, and friends throughout the world.

Our sympathy goes to his wife, Tess, children Chad, Steve, Kelly, Christina, Jennifer,  and other family members and friends.

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